Thursday, November 19, 2009

What Not to Wear Wednesday on Thursday

The outfit (if you can call it that) that I saw today was in need of being blogged about. I WISH I had had my camera because all I would have had to do is post the picture--no words would have been necessary.

A teal green, velour, leisure/lounging suit (meaning, velvet sweatpants and matching hoodie) with high heeled (stiletto) black boots. Oh, and did I mention that the pants were way too short with the boots? (that was the LEAST of her problems, though) It was TERRIBLE! One should NOT wear a leisure/lounging suit in public--unless you just got out of the gym and had to make a quick pit-stop on the way home. And one should certainly NOT pair the aforementioned leisure suit with high heeled boots!! Even J-Lo circa 2004 had trouble pulling off a leisure suit with flashy shoes.

Photo from here.

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