Saturday, September 26, 2009

which vest is best?

with fall on its way, i know people are gearing up to wear their fall fashions. a big thing here in the south is to wear a down vest layered over a long sleeved shirt. i'll admit, i used to participate in this "trend" but, over the past few years i've realized that the down vest does nothing for my fact, it ADDS to my figure. but, it's gonna be hard for me to convince people to just NOT wear a down vest this season. SOOOO, here are some pics of some more fashionable down vests that you should try this time around. if you're gonna wear something big and bulky, it should at least have some cute/interesting details to it!

photos from nordstrom's, ralph lauren's, and athleta's websites.

Thursday, September 24, 2009

this post is not about fashion

my almost 4-year-old is into his 3rd week of school. the first 2 weeks he got high praises from his teachers via notes sent home. then, this monday his teacher left a message (routine during the first month of school) and said, and i'm quoting,
"he's playing so well", "all of the boys in the class have gelled really well", "he's a good listener, probably the best listener in the class", "nice to have in class", "we are really enjoying him". MAN, WAS I PROUD!

well, when i picked him up yesterday he barely got in the car before he blurted out "i had to go to time out b/c i pulled mrs leaphart's hand!" i said " you did what?". long story short--he was frustrated and she wanted him to do something that he didn't want to do and he pulled her hand in an angry fashion when she reached for him. we had a long talk with him about how that's just mean and disrespectful and could even be hurtful. he's going to apologize to her on friday. well, as our afternoon went on more details emerged from his sweet little mouth. he also told us that while he was in time out he was kicking some toys and mrs leaphart told him that "we don't kick the toys because they are really expensive and some of them have batteries." (remember, this is from his almost 4-year-old-mouth..not sure where the batteries fit in) THEN, he told us that he told mrs leaphart that he didn't like her leopard dress. i said "did you say that today?" he said "i said it on the first day!". nice. so, he's physically abused and insulted his teacher's wardrobe. and we're only 3 weeks in to the year.

oh, here's another one from yesterday. as i was dropping him off and preparing to assist w/ car pool line, we met one of his classmate's moms. he realized that she was gavin's mom and he looked at her and said "why doesn't gavin like to share?". IF THERE WAS ANY QUESTION ABOUT WHO CANON'S MOM IS, THIS IS PROOF THAT HE'S MINE! apparently, when god was creating us, he left the FILTER out of both of us. you know, the filter that makes us think before we speak.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

what not to wear wednesday

these pictures speak for themselves....

i know i still owe you some fashion week posts...they are coming. i've been a little under the weather this week.

Friday, September 18, 2009

i'm baaaack!

back from fashion week. it was STUPENDOUS! will be blogging as soon as i can get my thoughts and pics together. until then, here are a few to whet your appetite. the first one is courtesy of my sister--she thinks it's the fire escape from a "law & order" episode.

Monday, September 14, 2009

so you won't go through withdrawals...

i'm setting this up to post in my absence. just thought it'd be nice to refresh everyone's memory about my services. please feel free to pass this along to any friends/family who might be interested. special discounts and savings available on my services and at several local stores when used in conjunction w/ kelley smith style.

I love to shop. Whether it's for myself or for other people. I love fashion. I love pretty things. I love seeing people perk up when they have on outfit that makes them feel good. I spend a lot of time browsing fashion magazines and fashion websites. I can work with any budget. I took all of the fashion classes at Millie Lewis. I have been in the modeling industry for 18 years. I study books about body types and what silhouettes work best for those body types. I have shopped in a wide range of stores -- from Target to Bergdorf. I have weekly scouting trips to the mall to search for new styles, sales, and store inventories. I am qualified to help you with anything related to fashion.

The services that I am currently offering and brief descriptions are listed below.

Have a closet full of clothes that you never wear because things don't fit (whether too big or too small)? Torn because you paid a lot of money for those pants that are no longer in style, but you can't bring yourself to part with them? Love a certain pair of pants but don't think you have "a thing" to go with them? Do you always grab the same clothes out of the closet because you're not sure if that gray shirt "goes" with those brown pants? Do you wish you could stretch your current wardrobe just by adding a few, classic or trendy pieces to create a new look? I'M YOUR GIRL!

I will take a look at your clothes and we'll decide what should stay and what should go. You'll feel more comfortable in your clothes when they're in style and when they fit properly and I’ll help you determine the perfect fit for your body type. As for that challenging pair of pants - chances are, you have more than one thing to go with them. You’ll see how clothes you already own go together (or don’t), giving you many more “go to” choices. No need to agonize over what to wear each day. I’ll show you great new outfit options from clothes you already own. After my visit I will send you a detailed assessment with digital pictures, including alteration & outfit suggestions, color combination options, and pieces that you may want to purchase at a later date to complete or complement your existing wardrobe.

Have a special event and aren't sure what to wear? Need some new clothes for the change of season? Easily overwhelmed in large department stores? Need the perfect pair of jeans? Think you have to choose comfort over style? Sick of wearing the same color all time and want to try some different color combinations? THIS IS WHERE I COME IN!

I will teach you how to easily find the right styles, shapes, and sizes for your needs - whether for a particular event or season or just every day living. I’ll save you from the "mom jeans" by getting the right cut, wash and size. I'll help ease the frustrations of shopping by guiding you to appropriate choices, bringing you additional sizes & colors, and making sense of today's fashion trends. I'll help you save time and money by providing a valid opinion on fit and style, so you'll love everything you buy.

My fee is $30 per hour with a 1 hour minimum.

References are available upon request.

Please leave a comment if you would like to be contacted about scheduling an appointment.

Saturday, September 12, 2009

it's almost time

leaving soon for fashion week! i know (for sure) that we are going to 2 shows:
badgley mischka and willow. we are also going to a book signing/meet & greet for scott schuman who is a writer/photographer/fashion blogger. we are also supposed to go to a cocktail party for designer douglas hannett on monday night at the plaza--oh,la,la! SO SO SO SO SO excited!
keeping my fingers crossed that i don't get the intestinal funk that my husband has had for 2 days and that he gets better so that he can take care of the little one while i'm gone!

i'm sure i'll have LOTS to blog about when i return. bon voyage!

*photo courtesy of

Thursday, September 10, 2009

speed round

i think this shirt from anthro is so, so pretty. i'm not going to get it b/c it's still too expensive but, every time i'm on the website, i am drawn to it.

what'd you think about "ANTM" last night? i'm super glad the crazy christian girl is gone. don't get me wrong, i love me some christians but, she was a freak show.

excited about "project runway" tonight!

shopped for a cocktail dress today for a party in nyc next week. think i found one-yay!

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

ANTM tonight

attention! attention! "america's next top model" premieres tonight on the cw. 2 whole hours of fierceness!

*photo from*

what not to wear wednesday

today's episode is easy..

don't wear anything with a visible panty line. if you can see a panty line, wear a thong or change your outfit altogether. sells my favorite style/fit of thong. they are very comfy and reasonably priced. if you aren't shy, tell us where you buy YOUR undies!

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

mod cloth

digging these few things from mod cloth.

Monday, September 7, 2009

denim day

okay. mondays are going to be DENIM DAY around here.

here's an article i just came across on (warning, he's a little flamboyant and off-color so, you might not care to visit his site.)

While overall, retailers are seeing declines in their sales, one market is actually prospering: premium denim. Yes, premium denim.

The $1.32 billion dollar market actually saw a 5% growth over the past twelve months, while sales in apparel overall fell 5%. True Religion's stock has risen 77% since January. That's crazy.

The success of the industry has inspired other companies to create a jeans line, such as AnnTaylor and Cache. Similarly, companies known for their frugal pricetags are also trying to appeal to the premium denim market, like Gap with their new 1969 jean collection by Patrick Robinson.

so tell me-what are your favorite jeans? my ABSOLUTE, without a doubt favorites are my joe's jeans stardust in blanche wash. i wish i could find another exact pair but, i can't. i have even emailed joe's directly. boo.

stop in over at salon 864 & boutique to check out rebecca's selection of denim--some of it on sale! new styles arriving for fall and winter. be sure to tell her i sent you!

Saturday, September 5, 2009

well, my friends.....

it's almost here! my most favorite week of the year....NEW YORK FASHION WEEK! it technically starts this thursday, the 10th and runs through thursday, the 17th. i am headed up on monday, the 14-16. going to the badgley mischka show on tuesday morning and hopefully one or 2 others at some point and i've even heard some chatter about a fun cocktail party we might be invited to. whoo-hoo! and for those of you who might not quite "get" what this experience means to me, it's a lot like the super bowl would be for a man. fashion week is my super bowl. fashion week had me at hello. fashion week completes me.

photos courtesy of ME from last year's fashion week.. i know, i totally just tooted my own horn!!!

Thursday, September 3, 2009


i know, i know. i've posted a lot today. i've just had a lot to say. i won't be posting tomorrow so, i've got to get it all out today!

i have just discovered this website. very cool looking clothes at great prices....since it's new to me, i've never ordered from it so i can't vouch for the quality. check out the pics of some of my favorite pieces from the site.

GREAT quote from my man Tim Gunn...

"If you want dress to feel as though you never got out of bed, then don't get out of bed."

he was referring to a certain father of 8 kids who has a tv show...but, i think this applies to EVERY human being. "lounge wear" is for lounging...if you're at the grocery store, you're not lounging. "active wear" is for when you're being active...being at the mall is not considered "being active". (well, maybe for some people it is!) i'm not saying that you have to always be dressed to the nines-that's totally unrealistic, especially if you have small children. but, it takes just as much time to throw on work out pants and a baseball cap as it does a pair of nice fitting jeans and a cute tee shirt.

**photo from

white tee

this is where sewing and designing skills would come in handy. (see my profile to the right if you're lost) i want a perfect, soft, medium weight, not a low scoop but not a crew or v neck, not too fitted but not drapey, not sheer at all, flattering white tee shirt. can't find one. they are all too see through or too heavy or too whatever. if you come across what i'm looking for, please share it with all of us. i'm on the hunt.

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

what not to wear wednesday

i was thinking of things to not wear and then i decided to just post this link from my friend kelly. this is what you should NOT wear.

as if...

when i used to be on facebook, the quizzes that people took would drive me BONKERS! who really cares which state you are? who really cares which designer shoe you are? well, i just realized that while those people were wasting their time and mine with the quiz results, i've been busy voting for "fashion faceoff" on for months now. you know, they show a pic of paris hilton wearing a zac posen dress and beside that a pic of rachel bilson wearing the same dress and it's up to us, the viewer/reader to vote on who wore it better. what a waste of time. as if it really matters who wore it best. as if my vote really counts for anything. as if the celebs even see the results. as if they even care. i think i'm finished wasting my time.