Thursday, November 24, 2011


Okay. Here it is! The list of gifts I like to give and receive. It's just in time for Black Friday (which I do NOT participate in) and just in time for Small Business Saturday!! As often as I can I like to support local small business and I CERTAINLY like to support local artists. It makes me happy to have pieces of jewelry that are one-of-a-kind and made with love by someone else's hands.

Without further ado, and in no particular order, I give you THE LIST. ( I am having trouble getting the text to appear in conjunction with the pictures so, the photos are in order from top to bottom and correspond with the numbered list with the exception of the Crave Studio pics..both of the necklaces are from Crave)

1. The Lysol Healthy Touch no-Touch Hand Soap System. I got mine in stainless from Wal Mart and I have been very happy with it. It's easy for my 6 year old to use, as well.

2. ANYTHING (but especially jewelry) from Crave Studio. Not a fan of jewelry? No worries! She's kinda famous for her ceramic pears and has other handmade ceramics for the home and garden as well. Due to high demand, she can't take anymore custom orders until after the first of the year but, take a look at her etsy and facebook sites and see what she's already got in stock and get your order placed. Gift certificates are also available and would make a GREAT stocking stuffer! Her studio is located at 1279 Pendleton Street in the Pendleton Street Arts District in Greenville. Shoot her a message if you would like to visit the studio. jpbedenbaugh{at}gmail{dot}com.

3. Another of my faves for jewelry is Christina Nicole Studios. (matter of fact, I'm headed over there Saturday to put some things on my OWN wish list!) Check out her etsy shop or, if you're local, stop by her studio on River Street behind/below High Cotton.

4. Who doesn't enjoy being pampered? I LOVE the facials that Kelley Curl serves up! Her custom 70 minute facial is worth every penny! (It is $70 and oh-so relaxing! Here's a little tip: when I give someone a gift certificate for a spa service, I go ahead and include the gratuity. 20% is customary) She is in the process of moving in to a new fabulous location but is happy to offer gift certificates for her services beginning December 1. Just give her a call at (864) 354-9933. Her new address at Bliss Massage Therapy(as of 12/1) will be 608 Grove Road in Greenville.

5. A Nordstrom gift card. Available here.

6. An ITunes gift card. Available almost anywhere..I recently purchased one at Wal Mart.

7. An Anthropologie gift card.

8. This fantastic smelling Volcano candle from Anthro.

So there you have it! Nothing too crazy or extravagant but all things that I appreciate and look forward to receiving AND giving. I hope your special someone will feel the same!

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Personal Fav

Yesterday the UPS man delivered a little box of stuff from Nordstrom. I had been looking for a long tank that I could layer under stuff but it had to be long enough to hang out enough at the bottom to be seen and make an impact and I found it online. So far I only have it in ivory (i am wearing it as i type) but I am planning to order it in at least 2 other colors.

Monday, September 12, 2011

It's Been A While

I know, I've been slack! Sorry about that...

If you're like me, you're thrilled that flared/wide leg denim is in for the season but also still want the perfect skinny denim for tucking into your favorite boots. Well, look no further-I have found them for you! I ordered these babies from Anthro last week and they are PERFECT! The wash is great, the rise is high (no muffin top), and there's just enough stretch to make them easy to move in but not so much that you have to wash them after each wearing. The price is a little steep but, I wear jeans every single day so my CPW (cost per wear) is very low. I found them to be true-to-size. I tried the smaller size first and they were more like jeggings than skinny jeans so I went with my normal size and I am in love!

Belk here in Greenville also sells these! And if you're not quite ready for boots yet, I cuffed mine and wore them with flat sandals this past weekend.

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

This Was a Must-Share

I got this tank at The Gap this weekend. I LOVE that it doesn't require a base layer tank b/c it's thick enough to not be sheer but not so thick that you'll sweat like crazy. I LOVE that the straps are substantial enough that you can wear a regular bra with it rather than a strapless. I LOVE that it's got pintuck detailing. I, of course, got it in the purple basil but my local store had a couple more colors than what are offered on the website.

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Monday, May 2, 2011

Lookin' Fab

Came across this pic of Reese looking FAB.

Friday, April 29, 2011

Decisions, Decisions

Here we have Beatrice and Eugenie. One minute I love their hats, the next I think they are so wrong. One minute I admire their sense of adventure and boldness but the next minute, I think they are loud and distracting. Wonder what the Queen Mum thought? More importantly, what do YOU think?

photo from here.

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Mission: Your Wardrobe and Allendale, SC

Confused by the title? Let me explain.

I will be donating 50% of my earnings in May to The Espinosa Family who are a huge part in this ministry through my awesome church, Grace Church. Also, Allison of Allie B Originals will be donating 50% of her sales May 1-7. Don't miss out on this opportunity to update your wardrobe and get yourself some new baubles all while helping out the folks who are serving in Allendale, SC! Also, this would be the prime time to get a Kelley Smith Style or Allie B Originals gift certificate for your mom or wife for Mother's Day!

Here's a little more about the ministry and you can also keep up with the day-to-day happenings here:

Seeking to extend its influence regionally, Grace began examining Allendale County, a small rural county in South Carolina close to the Upstate where significant needs exist. We challenge members of Grace to engage in their communities, the city and the world with both words and actions. For 16 years in the Greenville area and since 2002 in Kenya, Nicaragua, Peru, and the Bahamas, Grace Members have been impacting lives connecting good deeds with the good news of Jesus Christ. Allendale County is in the midlands of South Carolina where:

  • 40% of the population lives below the poverty line;
  • 70% of households do not include a married couple;
  • 90% of children are eligible for free lunch;
  • Zero students qualified for LIFE Scholarships to four year institutions;
  • 32% of children are born to mothers with less than a high school education; and
  • 22% of workers are unemployed.

During 2009, we began talking with local pastors, business leaders, school representatives, and long time residents to get an understanding of the difficulties and challenges of living in Allendale County. Generational poverty is evident based on the educational system, job opportunities, housing conditions, and lack of hope heard in resident’s voices.

We slowly began to make connections in anticipation of creating long term serving opportunities in Allendale. Beginning in 2009, we provided school supplies to all first graders at Allendale Elementary School and Fairfax Elementary School. As an extension of our Adopt-A-Child program, we have sent more than 100 students and chaperones to Charleston and Columbia during the Christmas season visiting aquariums, museums, college campuses, have dinner at local restaurants, and attend Christmas plays. Few of these children had ever been to Charleston or Columbia. These day long cultural trips allowed these children an opportunity to see first hand life outside their community, create hope for a different future, and help break a cycle of generational poverty.

Friday, April 15, 2011

And The Winner Is....

Kristy Dempsey!!! Kristy has won a skirt courtesy of Sevier Skirts! Kristy, I will be in touch via FB about how to go about ordering your skirt. CONGRATS! And thanks to all who entered to win. And an extra special THANKS to Suzanne of Sevier Skirts for her generosity!

photo from here.

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Don't Forget!!

Don't forget to get registered for the Sevier Skirts give away! Click here for details. I saw these skirts in person on Saturday and, trust me, if you are a skirt person you will NOT want to miss out on the chance to win a FREE custom skirt! Winner will be chose this Friday, April 15. Deadline to enter is 12:00PM on 4/15.

Monday, April 11, 2011

In Case You Missed It...

Check out this blog by Elizabeth from Yellow Elm.

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

A Great Giveaway From Sevier Skirts!

I am so excited (mixed with a little nervousness) that our Local Art Gathering is just a few days away! Just last week we added a new vendor to the line up...Sevier Skirts. Suzanne from Sevier Skirts has been kind enough to do a giveaway to my readers and Facebook fans! Here's the deal:

1. You must leave a comment on this blog post.
2. You must go and "like" my Facebook page. (if you already "like" it, you may skip this step)
3. You must go and "like" Sevier Skirts' Facebook page.

Once you have done that,(be sure to do all 3 steps) you are entered to win a FREE custom made Sevier Skirt of your choice! (Greenville-area people are eligible for a custom skirt. If you aren't local, don't fret! You will win your choice of a Ready-To-Wear Sevier Skirt) The deadline for the giveaway is Friday, April 15 at noon. Pssst...they even offer Maternity skirts and skirts for kids!

Suzanne Sevier Rowland was born and raised in Nashville and received a BA in Economics from the University of Tennessee. After a few years in Banana-Republic-button-downs-and-black-slacks, she knew that corporate America was not a good fit (no pun intended). She had always sewn clothes for fun throughout high school and college but the idea of making a living doing that didn't occur to her until her late 20's. She enrolled in fashion school while living in Atlanta, but within a year knew that she needed to move to NYC to be in a better fashion school and to have the resources available that are not available living in the south. She enrolled in the pattern making program at The Fashion Institute of Technology in NYC and also scored a job in the city's top fabric store, Mood Fabrics.

It was in 2004 when the concept of a skirts-only line using fabulous fabrics took hold! Suzanne's friend Haley was visiting from out of town and went nuts when she saw the number of skirts that Suzanne had sewn in her free time. Haley wore them everywhere she went, inspiring Suzanne to create more. Sevier Skirts was born out of the effort to keep up with the steady stream of demand for one-of-a-kind custom skirts that she and her friends generated that Spring!

Friday, April 1, 2011

Check Me Out! I'm Famous! (again)

My bud, Jacob just posted about The Local Art Gathering. Whoo-hoo! Thanks Jacob!
Y'all need to check out his blog, here. Sadly, he only posts once- a -week (Fridays). He is a fellow fashion-fiend and blogs about everything from fashion to food to everyday life. Good stuff!

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

A Shout Out From Wingo

Big THANKS to Jimmie Lynn of Wingo Designs for the mention today. She makes FAB jewelry and does SPECTACULAR landscape designs! She did my backyard a few years ago and I don't think I could love it any more than I do!

Monday, March 28, 2011

Get Your CRAVE On

Here's another one of our featured artists, my bud Jennifer Bedenbaugh of Crave Studio. I have 2 of her necklaces and I get compliments EVERY single time I wear them! I've given several of her other pieces as gifts and people have been so moved by their beauty that I've actually seen a few tears.

All art requires courage. ~Anne Tucker

Like many people who are driven to create, I have spent a lifetime testing my passions in all sorts of mediums. While majoring in Studio Art with a concentration in Graphic Design at the University of South Carolina, I felt I had tried it all - printmaking, photography, painting, drawing and playing music have all been a major part of my life at different points. But in the Fall of 2008, I ventured into unknown territory and took a pottery class that our local museum was offering. I quickly fell in love with clay and the entire process of making ceramic art. It is such a beautiful medium.
No matter what the end product, be it something functional or sculptural, all of it starts out as nothing more than a lump of mud.
When you are passionate about something that fills you up, your soul beckons you to pursue it. I felt this way about my work with clay from the beginning. And so it was born - Crave Studio. I am fortunate enough to be surrounded by a tremendous group of amazing and talented artists and friends who have given me the courage to pursue this dream, and challenged me to open this business. I hope you will continue to support Crave Studio on its journey of growth. For more information about the new studio space or to find out more about my current work, you can follow me on Facebook at or on etsy at

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Sew Sew Lovely

So, so excited for y'all to meet Julia Clarke of Sew Sew Lovely! Be sure to check her out at the Local Art Gathering on April 9th!

Julia Clarke a fiber artist living and working in Greenville, SC. Julia spent most of her childhood living outside of Atlanta, GA with her parents and two sisters. . She completed her Bachelors of Arts in Business with an emphasis in Marketing from the University of Georgia in 2007. She moved to Greenville in May 2010 and started her business "Sew Sew Lovely". You can see Julia's creations online at, and read her blog at Her creations can also be found in Liz Daly's Designs in downtown Greenville and Sage Consignment on Pelham road. When Julia is not sewing she can be found wandering through flea markets and antique stores, taking trips to find strange Americana and dancing while doing the dishes.

"Creating things is my passion. Most of my creations seems to have a mind of their own and sometimes go down a completely different direction than I intended thus I really have no idea how something is going to turn out until I am done with it. I am always on the lookout for vintage pieces of fabric, interesting neckties and standout buttons to complete a project and give it a unique voice."

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Christina Nicole

Take a minute to get to know Christina Nicole-another one of our featured artists on April 9!

Christina Nicole creates jewelry that brings timeless elegance and vintage fashion together with a modern twist... Capturing the couture classics, she restores one of a kind brooches, charms, and heirlooms that can only be recreated by her vision of celebrating the modern, yet feminine woman. Based in Greenville, South Carolina, her jewelry is inspired from a dedication to preserve the stories behind each piece so that new memories can be made. Christina also specializes in custom pieces if you would like to use your own family heirlooms. Each creation is one of a kind, just like the story behind the piece.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Yellow Elm

I'm hoping you've all read this post about the Local Art Gathering on April 9th. Elizabeth from Yellow Elm is one of our featured artists at the event. Here's a little about Elizabeth and her art. Enjoy!

Yellow Elm is the work of artist Elizabeth Blanton. She crafts each piece by hand, layering wool, pouring soap and boiling water over it, and scrubbing until the fibers interlock to make felt. Inspired by the soft texture and unique qualities of felt, Elizabeth first made several large felt wall-hangings. Then she decided to make a few brooches as gifts for friends, and Yellow Elm emerged as a result.

Elizabeth has a degree in graphic design.

Yellow Elm handmade felt fashion accessories are one-of-a-kind.
Each headband, clip, and bobby pin is created from wool, with every fabulous detail added by hand. Each piece is a unique work of art, made for the woman with style as extraordinary as she is.

Monday, March 21, 2011

Check Me Out! I'm Famous!

Click here to see the extremely talented Christina Sawicki's blog post today. She makes FAB jewelry and is going to be a part of the Local Art Gathering which I mentioned here. I LOVE it when I get a shout-out on a blog:)

Saturday, March 19, 2011

A Local Art Gathering

Please see the info below regarding a FAB event and friend and I have put together. This is a GREAT way to support our local economy and to support local, independent artists. There will be wearable art as well as art for your home and garden and all at affordable prices. Be sure to check out my blog over the next few weeks as I will be posting more info about these talented ladies!

Join Palmetto Home & Garden for a Local Art Gathering on Saturday, April 9 from 11AM until 3PM.

Featured artists include:

Christina Nicole Studios
Zoa Art
Crave Studio
Sew Sew Lovely

Yellow Elm

Art by Sarah Kargol

Please join us for this special event just in time for Easter, Mother's Day, graduations, and summer weddings. There will be everything from pottery for your home to jewelry to pocketbooks all handmade by local artists. This event will be cash or check only. Please contact Kelley Price Smith or Heather Wilson Summers via facebook with any questions.

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Flare, Flare Everywhere!

I have ALWAYS loved flared jeans. My absolute favorites were some Joe's Stardust that I got in NYC about 3 years ago. I wore them til I couldn't hide the holes any longer and then, sadly, had to retire them. I am THRILLED that flares are back with a vengeance! I still like skinnies to cuff and wear with flats or to tuck into boots when it's cooler but, flares just "had me at hello".
Please check out The Sartorialist for some super cool flares in NYC, Paris & Milan. For you local peeps, check out The Gap at Haywood for the flares shown above! (vintage flare, twill flare, and wide leg trouser jeans) They also have some called SUPER FLARE in the store but I can't find them online. Trust me, they rock!

Gap stores are offering 30% off your entire purchase until Sunday! Click here for deets!

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Gap Give and Get THIS WEEK!

Thursday starts Gap at Haywood's Give and Get program. That means 30% off of your entire purchase and 1 of 4 non profit groups gets 5% of what you spend. It's a win-win situation! The discount also applies to purchases at Old Navy, Banana Republic, Banana Republic Outlet and Gap Outlet. AND (as if all of the above isn't already enough!), Gap at Haywood will be opening early at 8AM on Thursday for all of you early birds!

Click to enlarge the coupons, choose your non profit, print out the coupon, and you're good-to-go!