Monday, January 3, 2011

Just A Bit Of Break From The Norm

I am not at all gifted with "fluffing" my home...meaning, I am not very good at decorating, choosing colors, etc. ( I prefer to "fluff" myself with clothes!) So, today's post is a break from the usual but, I couldn't NOT post about it. Today I was at Belk and saw Chirp by Lenox dinnerware. OH. MY. GOODNESS! It is SO pretty! Birds, browns, turquoises, reds. I'm not much of a china person-in fact, I'm currently trying to sell my everyday china (Noritake Gourmet Garden anyone?) but, I'm thinking I might have to get a few of the Chirp serving pieces to coordinate with my current (Sophie Conran for Portmeirion) everyday china.

Who can tell me the song and artist that I lifted today's blog title from? No googling!

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