Tuesday, November 23, 2010

And My Nordstrom Wish List Just Keeps Growing

Sadly, I had to retire one of my favorite long, open front, purple cardis this season b/c it was just too pilled and picked. So, I'm on the hunt for a new one. These 2 are definitely on my radar even though they aren't purple..well, the solid one does come in plum but I almost think I'd rather have it in the gray pictured above.

striped one available here.


  1. i want them both, too!
    love that top one. i'm on the hunt for a gray and a black cardi with pockets.

  2. unfortunately the striped one didn't get great reviews so it's out of the running.

  3. When I finally retire a piece I was especially fond of, I feel like I should give it a going away ceremony or something, or put it in glass on display in my attic. Hahaha It's pathetic, but I get connected!

    P.S. I miss Nordstrom when I'm down here.

  4. jacob-
    i'm with you on this! on sunday i had to retire my FAVORITE jeans. joe's jeans-stardust was the style. i got them at anthro in soho during my first time at NY fashion week. that was 2 years ago and i wore them almost 3-4 times a week. there were holes in them from where i'd pull them on by the belt loops but they were easily hidden with long tops. but, this weekend, they split right over one of my "cheeks" and it wasn't on a seam so it couldn't be easily repaired. i almost shed a tear as i put them in the trash can. maybe i'll dig them out, cut off a back pocket, and put it in my memory box:)