Saturday, November 20, 2010


We have a winner! I've been searching for the perfect rain boot for the last 2 years. I got these from Target and they've been great but the flannel on them just screams "winter!" so they aren't the most season-appropriate in the spring or summer. Well, I got my Nordstrom catalog today and found the babies shown above and I am in love! I already have these Target/Steve Madden knock-offs which are similar (i got gray with a red zipper) but, the Nordstrom ones are true rain boots and I am THRILLED that my search is over! Be sure to check out the other color options...I'm going with the olive/orange combo. Now bring on the rain!!!
(oh, and yes, they may be a bit pricey but, i figure i've saved so much money with all of my Target boots that it's fine for me to splurge a bit on these:)) (and while I'm justifying, the Hunter wellies that I've been wanting are about $150 so these Maddens are a definite bargain! )


  1. great minds think alike...i got the same target boots last year and LOVE them so much...but i, too, have really wanted some that don't have the flannel.
    i saw the steve madden ones when we were in nyc and they have been calling my name ever since....let me know if you love them :)
    hope you had a good thanksgiving

  2. too funny! i just ordered them today...will get back to you about the fit as soon as i get them!