Sunday, March 27, 2011

Sew Sew Lovely

So, so excited for y'all to meet Julia Clarke of Sew Sew Lovely! Be sure to check her out at the Local Art Gathering on April 9th!

Julia Clarke a fiber artist living and working in Greenville, SC. Julia spent most of her childhood living outside of Atlanta, GA with her parents and two sisters. . She completed her Bachelors of Arts in Business with an emphasis in Marketing from the University of Georgia in 2007. She moved to Greenville in May 2010 and started her business "Sew Sew Lovely". You can see Julia's creations online at, and read her blog at Her creations can also be found in Liz Daly's Designs in downtown Greenville and Sage Consignment on Pelham road. When Julia is not sewing she can be found wandering through flea markets and antique stores, taking trips to find strange Americana and dancing while doing the dishes.

"Creating things is my passion. Most of my creations seems to have a mind of their own and sometimes go down a completely different direction than I intended thus I really have no idea how something is going to turn out until I am done with it. I am always on the lookout for vintage pieces of fabric, interesting neckties and standout buttons to complete a project and give it a unique voice."

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