Monday, March 7, 2011

Taking The Easy Way Out

Okay, so I'm totally being lazy and just posting a link to my friend's blog.........but you have got to check out this Kimono Dress from Target! I got it last year in gray and in red and wore the heck out of it! Much like Michelle says in her blog, I wore it with cuffed jeggings and flip flops during the day, then put on wedges and an obnoxious necklace for a dressier look at night as well as layered a long sleeve tissue tee under it, paired with the same jeggings (no cuff this time) tucked into tall boots when it got cooler. And just to give you an idea of size, mine are Mediums.
Thanks, Michelle, for reuniting me with this dress! (you should be able to link to the dress from her blog)


  1. oh my goodness...did you see the jumpsuits? what a terrible idea!

    i love my blue and moss green kimono dresses. one of my favorite winter outfits was the blue with tissue tee, cardigan, sweater coat, tights and boots.

    think i'm going to pick up a gray this year. and since mine are a little too long to wear with pants (definitely dress length on me), i might even get one taken up to give me some more options!

  2. it totally worth reblogging about....heading to target tomorrow to grab one more....or two :)