Tuesday, August 4, 2009

deep thoughts

i took my 3 1/2 year old to the park today. (mainly out of guilt b/c he's watched a TON of tv the past few mornings b/c i haven't been sleeping well and i try to catch a few more minutes of snooze time after he gets up). there were 2 buses from the YMCA there. we were not there long b/c it was VERY hot. but, in the short time that we were there with the YMCA kids, i saw and heard things i never want to see and hear from my child when he turns 6. (approx age of the Y kids)

there were 2 little girls who kept violently hitting each other in the head with water bottles. (i tattled on them to the camp counselors). one of the same little girls told another boy "so-and-so wants to marry you and make out with you!". when the counselor told this same little girl to do something, she spoke to her in a manner that, at my house, it spanking-worthy. all the while, another girl (named lorelei) cried b/c someone had thrown away her nilla wafers. i mean, she sobbed.

i was sad and disturbed on many levels. sad that the kids were acting as poorly as they were. sad that the kids were at day camp rather than at home with their parents. sad that the parents either A. sent the kids to camp b/c they were too much to deal with B. sent the kids to camp b/c they want someone else to teach them to be kind to others C. sad that the parents (and so many parents in general) have to work full time and trust someone else to raise their kids. D. sad that little lorelei was missing out on her snack. (not really)

it made me want to keep canon under my watchful eye at ALL times. then i started asking myself: "at what point am i being too protecting of my child?", "at what point do i let him out into the "real world" to be a light to others?", "when do i know (and will i ever know) if i have raised him right?", "omgoodness, does my child act like that when i'm not around?", "do i really trust the lord with my son?".

oh, and a quick disclaimer. i don't think there is anything wrong with sending kids to camp---my child just finished up a month of bible camp at first pres. i guess i was just trying to make a point about the motives of the parents deciding to send their kids to camp.

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  1. Not much different from what I have witnessed on the playground at public school. Some parents just don't care what they teach their children.