Wednesday, August 12, 2009

what not to wear wednesday

1. don't wear a top where your bra straps are showing. it's not sexy--it's a faux pas.
2. don't wear denim with denim. only 1 piece of denim should be worn at a time.
3. don't wear overalls-EVER. (yes i wore them back in the day but, i have since learned that there is NOTHING cute about them AT ALL)
4. i don't like to mix black and brown. black and gray is fine. brown and gray is fine. but black and brown...not so's too blah looking.
5. remember that all cleavage isn't necessarily good cleavage so, keep it covered.

and those are all the tips for today. i'd love to hear from others about what's on THEIR what-not-to-wear lists.


  1. I saw a woman on the beach last week wearing chunky heels with her bathing suit and cover up. I took a picture. I don't understand why wear heels on the beach.

  2. i like lighter browns with black. never wear the combo myself, but i always like it on someone else. (espcially tan worn leather with black.) haven't been able to get on board with navy & black. too similar.

    re: tanks/bra straps - plastic bra straps are not INVISIBLE and still count as bra straps.

  3. 1.Cover up your butt crack, especially when wearing low rise pants.
    2. When looking in the mirror at yourself and your dress is so tight you can see any and all humps, bumps, panty lines, ect... don't wear it.
    3. Thongs are a must, panty lines NEVER look good, skirt, dress or pants.

    This is fun. Jer and I were eating at Rick Erwin's, by the window and people watching and I was telling him I would love to do a G'vegas what not to wear. Want to go downtown with me and try to tell passerby's what we think?

  4. Dude, I'm totally torn on that whole bra thing. Carrie Bradshaw pulled it off, but I know I can't.

  5. kelly-regarding your #2, my rule of thumb is, if you have to ASK "is this too short/tight/etc" then it probably IS and you don't need to wear it. ...unless you're trying to look like a hussy.

    my friend used to be a cop and she and her friend now call it "writing tickets" when they see a walking fashion disaster.

  6. k- carrie was able to pull off a TON of stuff and i kind of hate her for that.