Wednesday, August 26, 2009

what not to wear wednesday

1. pants that are too short. your pants should be no more than 1/2" off the floor with shoes on. no exceptions. if you don't have a full length mirror you need to get one so that you can check the length. if you just stand there and look down at your pants, you won't get the full picture and you'll just think that they are long enough.

2. pants that are tapered. i know that skinny jeans are "in" and, in some cases, it's fine to be trendy and give them a try. BUT, if you are in the habit of wearing things that taper from the knee down...BIG MISTAKE! all that's gonna do is make everything above your knee look even bigger. trust me. and if you don't trust me, just tune in to "what not to wear" on TLC and listen to stacy and clinton talk about "the ice cream cone effect". i mean, who wants to look like an ice cream cone?!

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