Tuesday, August 4, 2009

what i do

I love to shop. Whether it's for myself or for other people. I love fashion. I love pretty things. I love seeing people perk up when they have on outfit that makes them feel good. I spend a lot of time browsing fashion magazines and fashion websites. I can work with any budget. I took all of the fashion classes at Millie Lewis. I have been in the modeling industry for 18 years. I study books about body types and what silhouettes work best for those body types. I have shopped in a wide range of stores -- from Target to Bergdorf. I have weekly scouting trips to the mall to search for new styles, sales, and store inventories. I am qualified to help you with anything related to fashion.

The services that I am currently offering and brief descriptions are listed below.


Have a closet full of clothes that you never wear because things don't fit (whether too big or too small)? Torn because you paid a lot of money for those pants that are no longer in style, but you can't bring yourself to part with them? Love a certain pair of pants but don't think you have "a thing" to go with them? Do you always grab the same clothes out of the closet because you're not sure if that gray shirt "goes" with those brown pants? Do you wish you could stretch your current wardrobe just by adding a few, classic or trendy pieces to create a new look? I'M YOUR GIRL!

I will take a look at your clothes and we'll decide what should stay and what should go. You'll feel more comfortable in your clothes when they're in style and when they fit properly and I’ll help you determine the perfect fit for your body type. As for that challenging pair of pants - chances are, you have more than one thing to go with them. You’ll see how clothes you already own go together (or don’t), giving you many more “go to” choices. No need to agonize over what to wear each day. I’ll show you great new outfit options from clothes you already own. After my visit I will send you a detailed assessment with digital pictures, including alteration & outfit suggestions, color combination options, and pieces that you may want to purchase at a later date to complete or complement your existing wardrobe.


Have a special event and aren't sure what to wear? Need some new clothes for the change of season? Easily overwhelmed in large department stores? Need the perfect pair of jeans? Think you have to choose comfort over style? Sick of wearing the same color all time and want to try some different color combinations? THIS IS WHERE I COME IN!

I will teach you how to easily find the right styles, shapes, and sizes for your needs - whether for a particular event or season or just every day living. I’ll save you from the "mom jeans" by getting the right cut, wash and size. I'll help ease the frustrations of shopping by guiding you to appropriate choices, bringing you additional sizes & colors, and making sense of today's fashion trends. I'll help you save time and money by providing a valid opinion on fit and style, so you'll love everything you buy.

My fee is $30 per hour with a 1 hour minimum.

References are available upon request.


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