Sunday, August 16, 2009

sad and disgusted

i am a little sad and disgusted tonight. i was having a dance party w/ my child and i told him i'd show him how to do a back walk-over. i used to be a pro. please note the word USED. this is where the sadness and disgust comes in.
first of all, i tried to go from a standing position to a back bend. um, yeah. what in the heck was i thinking? when that didn't work, i decided just to get on the ground and push up into a back bend. again, what in the heck? it was like when i first went to therapy for my ankle and i knew what i was supposed to make my muscles do but, something was lost in transmission from my brain to my ankle and i couldn't do anything. same thing tonight. MY ARMS WOULD NOT WORK!!! i was able to get my hips off the ground but my arms were NOT allowing me to push up and support myself.

so sad. i would like to say that this has motivated me to join a gym or take yoga or something but, it really hasn't....i don't think. maybe i'll put a positive spin on it and just continue to remember the good ol' days back when i was flexible.

thanks for listening.

1 comment:

  1. in my mind i can still do a walkover backbend...and i am not going to do anything to ruin that for myself :)