Thursday, September 10, 2009

speed round

i think this shirt from anthro is so, so pretty. i'm not going to get it b/c it's still too expensive but, every time i'm on the website, i am drawn to it.

what'd you think about "ANTM" last night? i'm super glad the crazy christian girl is gone. don't get me wrong, i love me some christians but, she was a freak show.

excited about "project runway" tonight!

shopped for a cocktail dress today for a party in nyc next week. think i found one-yay!


  1. What happened to the "crazy christian girl"? No one stood out that I liked, there were lots who I was ready to have off the show though!

  2. Yeah, she was nutty. She was modeling for Jesus and so she could help the homeless.

  3. saw this shirt in person in nyc and it wasn't very cute at glad i didn't order it!