Thursday, September 3, 2009

GREAT quote from my man Tim Gunn...

"If you want dress to feel as though you never got out of bed, then don't get out of bed."

he was referring to a certain father of 8 kids who has a tv show...but, i think this applies to EVERY human being. "lounge wear" is for lounging...if you're at the grocery store, you're not lounging. "active wear" is for when you're being active...being at the mall is not considered "being active". (well, maybe for some people it is!) i'm not saying that you have to always be dressed to the nines-that's totally unrealistic, especially if you have small children. but, it takes just as much time to throw on work out pants and a baseball cap as it does a pair of nice fitting jeans and a cute tee shirt.

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