Monday, September 7, 2009

denim day

okay. mondays are going to be DENIM DAY around here.

here's an article i just came across on (warning, he's a little flamboyant and off-color so, you might not care to visit his site.)

While overall, retailers are seeing declines in their sales, one market is actually prospering: premium denim. Yes, premium denim.

The $1.32 billion dollar market actually saw a 5% growth over the past twelve months, while sales in apparel overall fell 5%. True Religion's stock has risen 77% since January. That's crazy.

The success of the industry has inspired other companies to create a jeans line, such as AnnTaylor and Cache. Similarly, companies known for their frugal pricetags are also trying to appeal to the premium denim market, like Gap with their new 1969 jean collection by Patrick Robinson.

so tell me-what are your favorite jeans? my ABSOLUTE, without a doubt favorites are my joe's jeans stardust in blanche wash. i wish i could find another exact pair but, i can't. i have even emailed joe's directly. boo.

stop in over at salon 864 & boutique to check out rebecca's selection of denim--some of it on sale! new styles arriving for fall and winter. be sure to tell her i sent you!

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  1. Joe's are my favorites - I love their skinny line, especially my rockers. They wear soft and comfortable. I've tried to wear non-premium, really tried, but I think I'm forever a jean snob...