Thursday, September 24, 2009

this post is not about fashion

my almost 4-year-old is into his 3rd week of school. the first 2 weeks he got high praises from his teachers via notes sent home. then, this monday his teacher left a message (routine during the first month of school) and said, and i'm quoting,
"he's playing so well", "all of the boys in the class have gelled really well", "he's a good listener, probably the best listener in the class", "nice to have in class", "we are really enjoying him". MAN, WAS I PROUD!

well, when i picked him up yesterday he barely got in the car before he blurted out "i had to go to time out b/c i pulled mrs leaphart's hand!" i said " you did what?". long story short--he was frustrated and she wanted him to do something that he didn't want to do and he pulled her hand in an angry fashion when she reached for him. we had a long talk with him about how that's just mean and disrespectful and could even be hurtful. he's going to apologize to her on friday. well, as our afternoon went on more details emerged from his sweet little mouth. he also told us that while he was in time out he was kicking some toys and mrs leaphart told him that "we don't kick the toys because they are really expensive and some of them have batteries." (remember, this is from his almost 4-year-old-mouth..not sure where the batteries fit in) THEN, he told us that he told mrs leaphart that he didn't like her leopard dress. i said "did you say that today?" he said "i said it on the first day!". nice. so, he's physically abused and insulted his teacher's wardrobe. and we're only 3 weeks in to the year.

oh, here's another one from yesterday. as i was dropping him off and preparing to assist w/ car pool line, we met one of his classmate's moms. he realized that she was gavin's mom and he looked at her and said "why doesn't gavin like to share?". IF THERE WAS ANY QUESTION ABOUT WHO CANON'S MOM IS, THIS IS PROOF THAT HE'S MINE! apparently, when god was creating us, he left the FILTER out of both of us. you know, the filter that makes us think before we speak.

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  1. ....oh my word...I love him and want to eat him! Such great stories.......